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Hello guest! You can now promote your content with us as we’re getting a lot of traffic day after day so be rest assured that whatever you’re promoting on is visible to thousands of guests daily.

Below are the types of promotions we offer.

NOTE! Content covers Music, Videos, Comedy skits, Mixtape, Products & Businesses.

1. Content upload: whereby your content is ONLY posted on as a post.

2. Content Feature: whereby your content remains on top on the website for as long as you want it to be.

3. Text Ads: whereby your content is posted as texts ONLY.

4. Banner Ads: whereby your content is posted with created banners of your choice and we charge according to banner size.

Are you interested in promoting your content with us at Choose from the promotion plans listed above and reach us directly with our contact informations available.

WhatsApp: 08088082990 – Join Our TV


Instagram & Twitter: @paraboyng

WARNING! Interaction with any contact information that’s not listed above is at your own risk.

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